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Office location:
Beverly Hills
416 N. Bedford Dr.
Suite 407
Beverly Hills, CA
Phone: (310) 274-1047

Procedure: Extraction and bone grafting

Thanks for putting me (my mouth) back on top of the world, including your cheery office and your exceptional care afterwards along with the mastery of your profession. Appreciatively,
Gerry Fruth

Procedure: Bone grafting and placement of two implants

I have to thank you for doing such a great job with my implants. You are meticulous in your care of the patient. I am very satisfied with the work you have done for me.
Deanne Mencher

Procedure: Extraction, bone grafting, one impla

Thank you for your excellent and professional services. The implant process and tooth replacement was worth the journey and it was enhanced by the services that I received from you and your friendly staff. We will be keeping you in mind for our friends.

Ronald Flate

Thank you for allowing me to smile again! I am so grateful to your practice and the level of expertise shown by the specialists who treated me. My natural, beautiful smile reminds me everyday how very grateful I should be to your practice.
Gila R.
Los Angeles, CA

I am willing to fight LA traffic to see this doctor!!! I live in Calabasas and have quite a number of dentists that I can see but I choose to see Dr. G. because I trust him. I am in public relations so it is very important for me to maintain my image when interacting with clients.

I had to replace a tooth that had a root canal done many years ago and I was so afraid of the prospect of having an implant. I did a lot of research and found Dr. G. through a client of mine who has been his patient for many years.

The time this man took to speak with clueless me is just so amazing! I know I must have repeated my questions two or three times but he always responded with the utmost patience and gave me detailed descriptions of what I could expect after the procedure. He was more than happy to show me before and after photos on his computer and supplied me with reading material to my heart's content!

He then actually sent me home to review everything then encouraged me to call him if I had any lingering questions. I had heard great things from my friend but after meeting the man I fell for him at hello!

I am so glad to have found him and after my procedure NO ONE can tell which of my teeth is not natural because the quality and matching skills of his prosthodontist is amazing!!!!!

Thank you for giving me the confidence to always smile!
Lisbeth B.
Hidden Hills, CA

I needed implants and was scared of both the pain to me and my pocketbook! After my consultation with Dr. Gilani and his staff, I felt a bit less afraid and decided to get the process started. His office set up financing for me as well. Dr. Gilani was great! The procedure is tough, but he made it very bearable. He kept me abreast of what he was doing and how much longer etc. My follow up appointments were quick, easy and positive. Dr. Le who was incharge of my crowns, was just as great. Knowledgeable and professional! Eight months, about 14 appts, I have three new implants and can smile confidently again...and I love to smile!
Trish M.
Hermosa Beach, CA

Peerless doctors and staff. I have been a patient of this doctor's for many years and have always received nothing but excellent service from this team of specialists. It has been many years since my implants were placed but I choose to continue to have all of my cleanings there because his hygienists are gentle and thorough.

Until he retires (which I hope will not happen for many years!) I will continue to be a devoted patient.
George A.
Beverly Hills, CA

I have been a patient since 2000 for extensive dental work, including implants, gum grafts, extractions, and cleanings. The office impressed impressed me upon on my first visit! I was very self-conscious and worried about my teeth, but the doctors and the staff were kind, understanding, gentle, up-beat and over the years have performed what I consider "miracles" to correct dental problems I had due to genetics. I feel so fortunate to have found have been referred to this office.. What a great team of people! I would recommend then to any one who needs corrective dental work. They offer hope and deliver total satisfaction. My mouth and teeth never looked better and I smile proudly and beautifully whenever I recommend them!
Laurie L.
Agoura, CA

I can always count on this beautiful and state of the art dental practice when I need emergency dental work! They go out of their way to fit me into their busy schedule and don't mind working on me during their lunch hour! I am planning on having extensive dental work with the specialists. I have had nothing but good experiences with this office and would highly recommend him to anyone. Extractions and fillings are done without discomfort and their hygienist does a very thorough job and she is a true professional. I have had beautiful, painless extractions...even my wisdom tooth extraction were painless!!!!

If you want to experience quality and comfort with reasonable prices then you must check this office out. Your experience will go beyond the usual "dental office" and you won't dread having to have dental work done anymore!!
Marc G.
Los Angeles, CA

This is truly a great dental office!

I will keep this short and sweet.... I had periodontal disease and the specialist was able to not only stop the progression and correct the problem he also helped me improve smile. I am now able to smile and carry a conversation without having to worry about missing teeth or bad breath.

My life has improved dramatically since improving my smile!
kelly m.
Los Angeles, CA

This is a superior, one of a kind specialty practice for oral healthcare. The staff and the group of specialists here are beyond professional and knowledgable. I have had a lot of dental procedures performed by this practice and all of them have been without complications and I have been able to go about my daily activities almost immediately. They truly are pioneers of the minimally invasive procedure.
Sam S.
Irvine, CA

There are no words to describe level of expertise at this office. The techniques is flawless and pain free. Truly masterful and expereinced specialists are at this office. I had been to many dentists and had been told that I was not a good candidate for dental implants. They suggested partials or a bridge. Neither option was very appealing to me. A friend in the movie industry referred me to their office and I am so glad he did. I have been blessed with beautiful results and I am very happy to have found them.

I was immediately impressed with the professionalism and kindness of his staff. They were kind enough to schedule me for a complimentary consultation because I did not have dental insurance at the time. I arrived full of trepidation, I was nervous about meeting the doctor who I had heard was a renowned surgeon. But all of my fears were quickly set aside when the doctor walked into the room. Dr. Gilani's care and compassion immediately put me at ease. I now know that it is the same care and compassion he puts into his work. After a thorough exam he told me I was indeed a good candidate for dental implants but that I needed bone grafting prior to having them placed. I was flabbergasted!!! I later learned that dentists rarely suggest bone grafting because they do not perform these procedures and that recommend less advanced treatment solutions like bridges and partials.

On the day of my surgery, Dr. Gilani came into the room and once again walked me through the procedure in detail and he patiently answered all of my concerns. Throughout the surgery Dr. Gilani and his assistant checked with me to ensure my comfort. I can honestly say I felt no pain during or after the procedure. It is no exaggeration when I say that I didn't even feel the initial injections to numb my mouth! After the surgery I didn't even need any pain medication.

I highly recommend this doctor to anyone who needs dental implants at a very fair and reasonable price. A well deserved five stars.
William A.
Los Angeles, CA

A+++++ I had several teeth extracted and had them replaced with dental implants; I was very upset about losing my teeth but the doctor and his staff were able to reassure me that I would be able to restore my smile to what it had been before and look even better. They were right! I had the procedures done and my smile is now a beautiful, natural looking beauty! I highly recommend this office to anyone looking to have their oral health improved and obtain natural healthy teeth.
Mary Anne B.
Los Angeles, CA

I was referred to this specialty office by my general dentist. I needed soft tissue grafting to correct recession in my gums. I was very afraid of having the procedure done but the surgeon answered all of my questions and really made me feel like I was in the best of hands. On the day of surgery his assistant and the doctor answered my remaining questions and I felt very relaxed throughout the entire process. I was expecting to feel some discomfort during the procedure but I had absolutely none! Zip! Nothing! After the procedure they provided me with written and oral post-operative instructions and he called me that evening which I thought was super considerate. I only took one pain pill which was the first night and nothing afterwards....I felt great. I told my dentist that I was very grateful to her for referring me to this specialist. They worked with my insurance and my co-payment was very reasonable. Thank you!
Whitney A.
Los Angeles, CA

From the moment you step inside the office you are treated like a friend not just a patient. The staff is very warm and cordial and the doctor takes the time to know all the important details and answer all of your questions. Their office is conveniently located in the heart of Beverly Hills and parking is free for two hours. Procedures are performed in the office in a very relaxing and warm atmosphere. if you are considering dental implants or need treatment for periodontal disease this is the place to go.
N. M.
Beverly Hills, CA

I had been putting off having dental implants instead of a partial that I've had since high school because of the cost. I went in for the consult a few months ago and got the crowns put on last Saturday. I'm in my 40's and wish I had done this sooner. Thanks to the friendly staff and a well experienced doctor for making this procedure painless and affordable.
Nelson S.
Los Angeles, CA

Unfortunately due to my past with bad dentistry and not so good genes I spent a fairly large amount of time in the dentist chair.
I had five implants and two sinuses lift done at this practice and could not be happier about the experience. I can say for the first time I feel like I'm in good hand.

All this treatment cost me a little more than half of a one failing implant done at another practice in Beverly Hills. If you are using one of the payment plans, all you have to do and pay off the balance in 24 months and there is no interest charged to you. Just be careful if you use "care credit" as they don't properly display when your last payment is due and you could get charge with retroactive interest. Dr Gilani is a great surgeon. I would recommend this place to anyone
Alex G.

I haven't been to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned in 10 years. I went to Dr. Gilani's office based of the recommendation of a friend. I had xrays and a cleaning.

I had a great experience. The exam was thorough. The hygienist even looked at my tongue and gums to check for oral cancers and any other issues. The cleaning was excellent and didn't hurt a bit. I was worried because it had been so long.

I definitely recommend Dr. Gilani and his staff. They are professional, friendly and very skilled.
Thanks Dr. Gilani!
Bryan T.
Studio City, CA

I have been using Dr. Gilani and his associates for over two years now and have had nothing but positive results and wonderful treatment. I needed 6 implant crowns along with a couple of regular crowns, replacement fillings and gum surgery. My previous doctor(s) had charged me thousands for bone grafts and even a root canal that he didn't complete! Everything was explained thoroughly during my initial visit and consultation, and a treatment chart and payment schedule was made during that visit. The prices were more than fair, and I have had an additional 3 implants since then.

The office staff is consistently professional and friendly, and will always try to accommodate my schedule--even with only a couple of days notice. I have even had appointments as early as 7:00 am during the week.

I also use the hygienist at the office and she is very complete and remembers previous visits and problems without you having to repeat everything again and again. She knows how to deal with implants and other treatments so as to keep them in their best condition and not to cause problems later.

In the past I never found a dentist or office I could count on past you "paying your bill," and so my treatment suffered from neglect. The service Dr. Gilani and his staff provide to me has kept me a very satisfied patient.
Donald S.
Beverly Hills, CA

There are no words to describe Dr. Gilani's level of expertise. His technique is flawless and pain free. He is truly a master. I had been to many dentists and had been told that I was not a good candidate for dental implants. They suggested partials or a bridge, archaic treatments that were not appealing to me. My surgery was a cake walk and over before I knew it had started. Dr. Gilani is so gentle that I barely felt the numbing injection. I highly recommend this doctor to anyone who needs dental implants at a very fair and reasonable price. A well deserved five stars.
Mary M.
Los Angeles, CA